Beacon Drive In, Yell Me a Hamburger!!!

Nick and I headed out to the Beacon Drive In located in Spartanburg because we had heard that they had the best sweet tea and good burgers. We went during a weekday after the lunch rush so it wouldn’t be that busy. The exterior of the place looks kinda run down but the Beacon Drive In has been around for many years so I’ll let them slide on that issue.

Before I go out to a location on the Wanna See It All project I do some research on the establishment so I know what to expect. I knew ahead of time that the ordering process could be unique and intimidating to some people. The process goes like this:

Step 1: A man will ask you promptly what you want to order minus the drink. He will next yell out the entire order to all the cooks behind him (It’s an open kitchen). He will tell you to move on.

Step 2: It is a cafeteria style set up, continue down the line and pick up a tray. As you move down the assembly line you will pick up your order and select your drink. Since the sweet tea and lemonade are the most popular they will have a bunch pre made already.

Step 3: As you head to the cashier, be ready with your money in hand. The cashier is super fast and doesn’t miss a beat. I was really impressed with the cashier.

If you remember these steps the whole process will go smoothly.

Double Bacon Cheeseburger A-Plenty

My order was the double bacon cheeseburger A-Plenty with a lemonade for around ten dollars. I’m not a sweet tea fan in general but I heard that the lemonade was popular too so I decided on that instead. I was curious about the A-Plenty option on the menu and how it comes together. A-Plenty is a huge stack of french fries and onion rings together on a plate. I don’t like onions at all but I thought the entire order would look good for the camera.  I love my hamburger and does this Beacon Drive In burger pass on my scale system. The bacon double cheeseburger was alright overall with one small issue. The burger meat(thin patties) and bacon was awesome and was cooked just right. The burger was huge and filled me up really quick. I like my hamburger buns to be soft and fresh tasting. The Beacon Drive In buns were dry out and had a stale taste. I think they might throw the buns on the grill for a second and that was taking the moisture away from the bun. The lemonade had a strong artificial lemon taste and it was alright. The A-Plenty was losing already with me due to the dislike of onions but the french fries could make up the difference. My mother makes better french fries and she buys them from the frozen section.

Overall the Beacon Drive In has some good burgers and a rich history. I would not recommend someone to drive a great distance to check this place out for the first time. Everyone’s experience is different due to we all have different taste buds and enjoyments.


Beacon Drive In , Sweet Tea Myth

The Beacon Drive In is a restaurant located in Spartanburg, SC. Shawn told me that this place supposedly had the best sweet tea, so I was definitely down to go because I love me some sweet tea. We got Beacon Drive In around 1 or so, wasn’t too crowded.

Luckily we were prepared for how  Beacon Drive In take your order. I have never seen anything like it. The Beacon food menu is on the wall right as you walk into the restaraunt. Take a look at the menu and tell the man at the counter what you want and he yells it out to the cooks and somehow they can understand it all. Once you give the man the order you continue down the line and order you drinks and then on to the cashier. The cashier is really quick with the money and ringing up your order.

I was so excited to try out this sweet tea. I couldn’t wait to sit down. Once we sat down I took a big gulp of that tea and was just disappointed. Sweet tea tasted as if they added some sort or artificial lemon sweetener to it which I do not like in my tea. I love freshly brewed sweet tea and this is not what I got.

Cheeseburger and Sweet Tea at the Beacon Drive In

I got the cheeseburger with fries which was just the average cheeseburger that you would find at a baseball game. I don’t recommend that you travel out of your way to visit Beacon Drive In, but if you live in the Spartanburg area this would be a good lunch occasionally.

Pawleys Front Porch – Hamburger Heaven in Columbia

Pawleys Front Porch is located in Columbia, SC. I have been to this place twice in the last couple months and was not disappointed at all. There is three things my taste buds know well pizza, BBQ, and hamburgers. Pawleys Front Porch has the best hamburgers I tasted yet.

Our first visit to Pawleys was on a Sunday, we sat inside the restaurant. The inside can have a cramp feeling when the place is jumping with customers (try to get a booth if you can).  A few items come into play when I make a burger selection off the menu. I don’t do veggie toppings or mustard. My burger got to have some kind of cheese and another protein on it to take the hamburger to another level. I chose the Wadmalaw Burger: chipotle BBQ sauce, fried pickle chips, applewood smoked bacon and cheddar cheese. The only topping that was a big question mark for me was the fried pickle chips, not a big fan of pickles in general. These fried pickle chips were awesome, the batter was the key factor. I kinda wish I would have ordered them as an appetizer. The BBQ sauce was the highlight of the burger with a perfect tang taste. The burger was cooked just right still retaining all of it juices. The Wadmalaw  was a burger masterpiece.

Pawleys Front Porch

Wadmalaw on left and Beaufort on right

The second visit, we chose to sit outside on the patio. Great place to people watch while enjoying a quick-lunch. This time around I chose to be a little bit more daring in my selection of the burger. I went after the Beaufort: Franks Red Hot onion ring, fried egg, apple cured ham and cheddar cheese. I had to minus the Frank onion ring because of my passion to dislike onions. The burger was good but the fried egg played a smaller role than I was expecting. I did not get much taste from the egg but the ham made up for the difference. Overall it was still better than the average hamburger.

Every time we drive through Columbia we mention about stopping at Pawleys Front Porch for a round of hamburgers. Take note on Tuesdays, they do half price burger from 5pm to 7pm which makes it an absolute bargain.