How It All Came Together part Two

I had another two reasons for doing the . Before the site was done, I had a lot of problems finding good information on places without weeding through the useless garbage around it. I was playing a hide and seek game where just about every website wanted to sell something. It was aggravating not finding good free info. I wanted to create a website where people can find quick good information about places and it will always be free to the public.

The second reason for website development was pictures. I am one of those people where photos of locations would help my decision on whether I was going on the trip or not. It’s hard to find good quality pictures where you don’t have a group people as a focal point.I wanted an unobstructed view of what the place has best to offer. You will not find any group photos or video of us on our website. I’ll save those for the blogs behind the scenes look.

More stuff at Wanna See It All

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